Gloves For Your Feet

Socks aren’t just for protection and warmth anymore, although those are important elements to their function. The sock game has elevated in all areas. New and interesting styles and designs, as well as innovative fabric changes are flooding the market. Socks are no longer a hidden necessity but are now a trending fashion.

Do’s And Don’ts With Sock Fashion 

Most importantly pick a sock that is comfortable to your foot. What’s the point in having a fashionable sock if you hate wearing it? Colours and patterns are a fun way to spice up an otherwise redundant outfit. A fun pattern or colour will definitely draw some positive attention to you at the office or out on the town. However, save the novelty items for a picture frame. Steer clear of wearing socks with animated characters or full pictures of a celebrity, it’s creepy.

Let the sock speak for itself, don’t try and force the stereotypes into submission. Every so often some hot brand or fashion icon tries to force the opposite. Sock and sandals for instance, don’t do it, ever. Socks are not to be paired with an open toed shoe, no matter what. Socks are meant to be a subtle fashion so let them be that. When undressing, always remove your socks first. This will eliminate the chance of you standing in front of a potential partner wearing nothing but your socks. It’s not a good look, no matter how funny you think you are.

Socks are a fashion item and should be treated as such. When we think of socks as gloves we remember the important thoughts to be had when choosing socks. Are these appropriate for the weather? Do they match my outfit? Would it be weird if this was the only thing I was wearing?

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