How To Take The Men’s Sock Game Up A Notch

Socks are no longer the practical, functional clothing item they once were. For years women have been aware of how their socks, stocks or tights affect their outfits, now it’s time for the men to kick it up. Men’s socks have finally become a fashionable item to be worn with pride. Here is a simple guide of how to get in on the sock action.

Know Your Cuts

Nothing I worse than seeing an otherwise good looking guy, rocking some mid-calf ankle dress socks with running shoes and shorts. There are three cuts and you should know when to wear them.

First, the low, sports ankle sock. These should be used when you are doing physical activity, wish a low top running shoe, only. Second, we have that mid-calf dress sock. These are essential to your work outfits and anytime you rock the long pants. Long pants mean we should never see skin between and pant and shoe. Finally, the knee length sock. A rarely necessary sock but they can come in handy in very cold weather or if you are having trouble getting your dress socks to stay up.

Tips And Tricks

With all the different fibers, colours and designs to choose from now, knowing your environment is the most important first step in figuring how to enhance your sock game. If you work in a conservative business place, maybe save the hot colours and fun patterns for the weekend. Steer clear of matching your socks to your pants, matching exactly is difficult, go with a contrasting solid colour. If you do however end up matching colours, vary the texture of the sock to give yourself some diversity.

Finally, if the environment calls for it don’t be afraid to pick a fun bright colour or pattern. This gives you the opportunity to show off some of your personality without trying to hard.

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