Why Wear Socks?

The sock is one of the most important parts of the wardrobe from a functional stand-point. One of the few items really created to protect us. It makes sense that, along with underwear, it was one of the first clothing items ever made. Socks are there to help you live without having to think about your feet and their well-being while you try and live like a normal human being. Socks are basically an extra layer of skin between your foot and the world.

Socks are one of the most versatile clothing items, in that the variations in fabric make all the difference. Most other clothes require addition of subtraction of material in order to accommodate the elements. Think about it, in the summer you will most likely wear a cotton sock to breath and help eliminate some of the heat and moisture your foot creates. In the winter you will probably wear a wool sock to have the opposite effect. It’s not a jumper versus singlet scenario, it’s a simple change in fabric.

Socks have to be important to wear because we have spent so much time developing effective ones. There are different socks for different weather, there are also different socks for different activities. Your sport socks are going to be different than your house socks. We have spent years developing the optimum levels of protection, comfort and style. That’s why it is important to get the right size of sock and the fabrics that work best with your feet. There are always options.

With so many different options for which socks you can choose it would be silly to subject your feet to the agony of not wearing socks. Socks are just as important as underwear in the scheme of clothing and they should be treated as such.

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