At The Sock Co, we have a host of kid's socks available in fun and funky colours and patterns. You can use our toddler socks to help your little one have fun and mix and match their outfit. We currently have several categories of kid's socks for sale in different heights. Whether you need knee-high socks or half-calf socks, we have them in stock.

Our kid's socks are made out of a comfortable cotton blend material that is breathable, and there is a thin elastic band by the top to help keep the socks up when your kid puts them on. They're a perfect way to encourage your kid's independence and style choices. 

Since we have a wide selection of kid's socks for sale, they make a great gift! Not only do they have fun patterns and bright colours, but they're functional. Our socks come in one size, and this ensures that they fit most younger children without slipping off or being far too large. 

Your toddler may never want to take them off once they see how bright and fun they are! Additionally, they withstand repeated wear without durability issues. This means that you won't go through kid's socks every other day when you buy them from The Sock Co. Instead, you'll get toddler socks that your kid can wear again and again without a problem. You can also wash them repeatedly without worrying about them wearing out or fading. 


Knee High


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Pizza Party - Junior Knee High Socks

What kid’s favourite food isn’t pizza? Scratch that. What person of any age doesn’t have pizza as one of their favourite foods? It’s no...
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Women's Thigh High Socks - Multicolours

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