Dog Seat Covers

Dog Seat Covers

Premium Quality Dog Seat Covers

Transport Your Pet In Comfort!

Our dog seat covers are waterproof and offer protection for both your pet and your car.

  • Prevent shed fur and mud from dirtying your seat.
  • Keeps your dog stable while in transit.
  • Helps with the kids on long car trips, too – avoid spilt food and drink on your seats!
  • Secure and easy to clean!

With the Australian summer on its way, it’s important to ensure that your family pet is safe and comfortable whilst been taken to their destination. With four strap attachments to fasten to the headrest, your dog will be positioned securely and comfortably, with opening slips that allow for seat belts to be slotted through; our protector mat comes with side flaps for extra protection.

Bonus travel bowl with every purchase! Great Christmas gift idea for families or dog lovers!

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