Bamboo Equestrian Horse Riding Socks Mens & Womens


Bamboo Equestrian Horse Riding Socks

Infusing bamboo into equestrian products is both revolutionary and ideal. For the longest time, athletes – both human and animal –  have had to endure the heat caused by polyurethane foam and the risk of chemical fire retardants leaching into the skin. These two materials have been present in almost all equestrian ranges…until now.

Bamboo Textiles, along with Olympian Tim Amitrano, have developed a range of equestrian products that are made from bamboo charcoal wadding and bamboo fibre—both utilising the nano particles of bamboo charcoal. The Bamboo Equestrian range of products has been designed by John Henriksen in close association with Heidi Neville and Tim Amitrano. This came about after Tim and Heidi had discovered the benefits of Bamboo Textiles Australia other products and suggested the benefits would apply to equestrian products if they were developed. All Bamboo Equestrian products have been rigorously tested at Traleen Park with the aid of an Infrared thermometer. The results have been fantastic.


64% Bamboo 28% Coolplus 6% Elastane 2% Nylon

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