Bamboo Extra Thick Work Socks Men and Women Five Red

$14.95 $9.99

The Premium Extra Thick Work Sock In The Market

Our Extra Thick Bamboo Work Socks are like know other socks in the market; they provide premium comfort during the day that lasts. As well as much greater practicality than the average everyday sock. Your run of the mill average sock barely touches the surface of what these socks provide and we guarantee you will notice the difference immediately.

These extra thick socks have been designed for the workers – who are on their feet all day long. Combining a soft and comfortable feel over your foot. No matter what you’re doing day to day and no matter what the weather brings, these socks will go the distance.

Features Reduced dampness & chafing – Super-absorbent bamboo fibres keep moisture away from your skin, leaving feet clean and dry. Strong & durable – Ideal for those with physically very demanding jobs, our bamboo work socks can take serious wear and tear. With extra padding in the soles, plus reinforced stitching in toes and heels they are made to last.

These socks are the number ONE choice for all workers, tradies, miners and farmers who want a sock that’s going to last.
Reduced odour – a favourite of wives, everywhere! The naturally anti-bacterial bamboo fibres keep foot odour to an absolute minimum.
Composition: 92% Bamboo 8% Elastane