XD Ryder Navy Blue Travel Backpack Anti Theft USB Port

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Premium Quality Backpack

XD Ryder Backpack is the bag that created the term “anti-theft backpack” and why? Because no one can open your Backpack unless you wanted them to. This Backpack is made from cut-proof material, it has hidden zipper closures, integrated USB charging port and secret pockets. Your belongings are clearly safe during your commutes. Unless someone takes the whole bag. But if that happens, don’t blame the backpack.

The Backpack is very practical with it’s water repellent fabric and illuminating safety strips. This backpack is very ergonomic and it balances weight. Usually practical and ergonomic means boring and fugly. Not this Backpack, its minimalistic design makes it stylish enough to use with almost every outfit.

  • This Backpack is anti-theft backpack because its zipper lies next to your back. Only way to open it is to take the pack off from your back.
  • Hidden pockets only you have access to.
  • Waterproof fabric.
  • High quality zipper design.
  • Durable construction but it feels light.
  • Reflective inserts for your safety.
  • Integrated USB Charging port.
  • Fits Notebook, iPads, Stationery, Clothes, Thermos bottle, Power Bank, Headphones. At least!
  • Premium Quality
  • Colour: Navy Blue
Note: There is no mobile power comes with the backpack inside.
If you want to use External USB Charge Function, you have to do as follows:
1. Buy a mobile power soloution.
2. Connect your mobile power with the USB interface inside the backpack.
3. Connect your phone with the USB interface outside the backpack.
4. Charging begins.


Height: 450mm

Width: 300mm

Depth: 175mm

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